The Crossed Spears is one of the more popular taverns among the adventurers in Flamesreach. The Crossed Spears or "The Spears" as it is known to locals, is well known for hearty food, hearty drinks, and hearty company. Rumors of adventure, people in need of assistance, and those looking to form a party all generally gather at the Crossed Spears.


Description Edit

Its a tavern what do you want from me.

NPCs Edit

  • Thollelium “Lim” Shemov
  • Sondi Dankil

Wares Edit

Item Name Price
Humble Pie (tripe or cow heel) 3 cp
Mushroom Stew with Bread 6 cp
Broiled Salmon and Potatoes 3 sp
Roast Chicken and Potatoes 3 sp
Buffaloaf and Honeyed Corn 8 sp
Item Name Price
Grog 2 cp
Dwarven Ale 4 sp
Spiced Ale 4 sp
Wight Wine 2 sp
Berry Brandy 2 gp
Honeysuckle Mead 2 gp
Trade Goods
Item Name Sell Buy
1 lb. of wheat 1 cp 1 cp
1 lb. of flour 2 cp 1 cp
1 lb. of salt 5 cp 2 cp
1 lb. of ginger 1 gp 5 sp
1 lb. of cinnamon 2 gp 1 gp
1 lb. of pepper 2 gp 1 gp
Item Price Price
Hireling (Skilled) 10 gp (per day)
Hireling (Untrained) 1 gp (per day)
Messenger 2 cp (per mile)